Sr.2. House

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

“From the project’s inception, our goal was crystal clear: reimagining the space to suit the family’s practical needs, with a complete renewal, and a special emphasis on optimizing storage solutions. These guiding principles steered our every move. Witnessing the colossal transformation made this project truly magical for both my clients and myself. Their openness to my ideas proved instrumental in bringing about the remarkable outcome.

Right from the start we established a clear color palette—neutral tones accented by vibrant pops of color. The kitchen, once failing to meet the family’s requirements, now stands as the heart of the home, a highlight of this remarkable transformation.

Seeing my clients genuinely happy and proud of their newly transformed home is immensely fulfilling. It validates all the hard work put into this project.”

SR2_1_before SR2_1_after
SR2_2_before SR2_2_after
SR2_3_before SR2_3_after
SR2_4_before SR2_4_after
SR2_5_before SR2_5_after
SR2_6_before SR2_6_after
SR2_7_before SR2_7_after
SR2_8_before SR2_8_after
SR2_9_before SR2_9_after
SR2_10_before SR2_10_after