Sh.58 House

"Art is not a thing; it is a way."

“This project was an absolute delight, standing out from others due to the extensive art collection owned by the clients. With the husband being an art dealer, our approach was unique—we began with the artwork in mind. Together, we strategically placed each piece, designing the space around them. Careful consideration was given to color schemes and storage solutions. It was a substantial and intricate undertaking, involving a complete overhaul of the entire house—inside and out. This encompassed revamping the electrical systems, installing new air conditioning, plumbing, windows, and even adding a third floor.

Every moment of this project was a joy. Witnessing the house undergo this remarkable transformation into my clients’ dream home, and seeing each piece of art find its perfect place as we envisioned, brought immense satisfaction to both my clients and myself.”

SH58_1_before SH58_1_after
SH58_2_before SH58_2_after
SH58_3_before SH58_3_after
SH58_4_before SH58_4_after
SH58_5_before SH58_5_after
SH58_6_before SH58_6_after
SH58_7_before SH58_7_after
SH58_8_before SH58_8_after
SH58_9_before SH58_9_after
SH58_10_before SH58_10_after