Da.8. Apartment

"It's not about the size of the budget;
It's about the size of the idea."

“The cornerstone of this project undeniably revolved around budget constraints. Maximizing every penny within the confines of a limited budget was our primary focus. Both the clients and I shared a mutual understanding on this front, working closely together to curtail expenses.

The key to success lay in strategic investments in certain areas while making compromises in others. We combined new elements with second-hand finds, high-end pieces with more affordable ones.

At the project’s conclusion, the budget limitations were nearly imperceptible. The seamless harmony between my clients’ aspirations and their financial constraints, coupled with my grasp of budgetary dynamics and innovative suggestions, culminated in an apartment that fulfilled every item on their wishlist without compromising quality. The absence of visible budget constraints stands as a testament to this collaboration.

Witnessing the sheer satisfaction of my clients with the final outcome brings me immense joy. Their happiness mirrors my own sentiments towards the project’s success.”

DA8_1_before DA8_1_after
DA8_2_before DA8_2_after
DA8_3_before DA8_3_after
DA8_4_before DA8_4_after
DA8_5_before DA8_5_after
DA8_6_before DA8_6_after
DA8_7_before DA8_7_after