Da.8. Apartment “It’s not about the size of the budget; It’s about the size of the idea.” “The cornerstone of this project undeniably revolved around budget constraints. Maximizing every penny within the confines of a limited budget was our primary focus. Both the clients and I shared a mutual understanding on this front, working closely […]


Sr.2. House “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” “From the project’s inception, our goal was crystal clear: reimagining the space to suit the family’s practical needs, with a complete renewal, and a special emphasis on optimizing storage solutions. These guiding principles steered our every move. […]


Sh.58 House “Art is not a thing; it is a way.” “This project was an absolute delight, standing out from others due to the extensive art collection owned by the clients. With the husband being an art dealer, our approach was unique—we began with the artwork in mind. Together, we strategically placed each piece, designing […]

A colorful residence

A colorful family residence Renovation process Renovating and designing an apartment is an exciting process that involves careful planning and attention to detail. The first step is to assess the current condition of the apartment and identify areas that need renovation. This may include repairing or replacing fixtures, updating the flooring or improving the overall […]